Will Probiotic help yeast infection

Will Probiotic help yeast infection? Myth busted

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Will Probiotic help yeast infection?

Overgrowth of fungus, known as Candida is responsible for yeast infections. Our body is home to millions of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Collectively they are known as microbiota and are known to be harmless. Candidais just one of the part of normal microbiota. When this Candida grows a little too much, it can disrupt the usual microbiota, causing a yeast infection. Now revolving around Probiotics, one must think of a question that will probiotic help yeast infection. Let us find this out.

Probiotics prove to be of great benefits to our body. The most common type of probiotics known by far is Lactobacillus. Vaginal microbiota also contains Lactobacillus. It helps in the prevention of Candida.

Is Probiotic good for yeast infection?

Yogurt– one of the most used probiotics also contains Lactobacillus. This Yogurt has been used by women in the treatment of yeast infection.

Yeast infection generally occurs when there is an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina. This destroys your bacteria overall maintenance. In this situation consumption of probiotics (live bacteria) is good for you as this restores the balance and prevents further infection.

Will probiotics cure a yeast infection?🙄

Well, some studies have been done to find out if probiotics can help you in yeast infection. But so far there is not enough proof that probiotics work in yeast infection.

Do I have a yeast infection?

Some of the common symptoms of yeast infection are:

  • Vaginal discharge
  • Diarrhea
  • White tongue or white spots in the mouth
  • Pus

If you find any of the above symptoms, you should immediately seek doctors help to get recommended for probiotics for yeast infection.

How to take probiotics in yeast infection?

Probiotics can be taken in the form of either capsule or as suppositories (inserted into the vagina). Before selecting a capsule or as suppositories, look for the bacteria that it contains. As mentioned above, Lactobacillus should be your priority. You can also include probiotics yogurt for yeast infection in your diet. But be sure that the yogurt contains live cultures and Lactobacillus. Go for plain yogurt as it is free from added sugar or flavoring.

How to Treat Yeast Infections With Probiotics?

Include Probiotic food in your diet. Here is a complete list of Probiotic Foods That You Should Eat.

Always buy probiotic foods containing live active cultures as mentioned on the packaging.

Consume prebiotic foods too. For probiotic foods to work properly, it is quite important to include prebiotic food in your diet too. It helps in the proper functioning of the probiotic foods. Some of the prebiotic foods are bananas, wheat, honey, flax, legumes, garlic.

As I discussed above to take probiotic capsule or suppositories. You can insert the capsule into your vagina at least once in a day in order to treat vaginal yeast infections. Doing this has provided relief to some women having vagina yeast infection.

Caution – Avoid the consumption of sugary foods during this period of probiotic consumption.

Yeast feed on sugar and sugar can cause yeast overgrowth.

Consumption of probiotics does cause some minor side effects like gas or even diarrhea. However, with continued use, such side effects normally go off. It becomes difficult for people with a weak immune system to bear probiotics.

Things to avoid during the yeast infection

  • Sugary foods
  • Alcohol
  • Fragrances
  • Sex


Will Probiotic help yeast infection

Hope I was clear in answering the question Will Probiotic help yeast infection? Still, if you have questions running in your mind, the comment section is waiting for you.

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