Will Probiotic help with bloating

Will Probiotic help with bloating? One shocking😟story

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Will Probiotic help with bloating?

Probiotics come under the class of “good bacteria” because it helps to break down minerals and nutrients for your body. Your gut is a hub of trillions of bacteria and around 1-1.5 kg of your body weight is from the bacteria itself. Now before coming to the question will probiotic help with bloating, let me clarify what bloating is actually.

Bloating is truly connected with gastrointestinal disorders and or organic diseases, but it can also tend to appear alone. A person going through bloating always feels full and has a tight abdomen. It takes place when your GI tract is filled with gas or air.

In order to maintain a strong immune system, it is important to maintain a balance between good and the bad bacteria. An imbalance between the two known as dysbiosis may lead to problems like bloating and constipation.

However, there are many more factors responsible for bloating like high sugar levels and or poor diet, stress, and aging. However, taking a Probiotic to get help with bloating is not the only way as there are other recommendations too. Taking a probiotic supplement can be a good step if your bloating is a symptom of dysbiosis.

How will probiotics help with bloating?

Since now it is confirmed that probiotics can help you in bloating, the next question arises is how probiotics help with bloating? During bloating, you feel abdominal pain and yucky “full” feeling. Taking probiotic supplements can help you in relieving both the pain and that feel by changing the type of bacteria in the gut.

Remember that probiotic supplements are one of the remedies to solve the problem of bloating. But it’s not that only these probiotic supplements can help you up with bloating. There are cases where consumption of probiotic supplements even leads to bloating. You must first consult with your doctor before taking any probiotic supplements for bloating.

Many people think that taking probiotics can replace their poor diet, but probiotics can never be a replacement for your poor diet. In fact, once you have attained the right probiotics in your gut, your next job should be to maintain it. You have to keep the probiotics strong in your gut to get the maximum result from it. You can also consume some probiotic foods like yogurts, kimchi, sauerkraut etc.

[Top Probiotic food for your diet]

Do probiotics have any negative effect on health?

Generally, probiotic foods and probiotic supplements are safe and tend to be well tolerated by most people who consume them.

However, its intake can cause certain side effects related to digestion, especially during the first days, which disappear quickly.

In people with a serious illness that involves the immune system, the use of probiotics can be dangerous, so in any situation of this type, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Probiotics can be a perfect ally for those people who frequently suffer from digestive problems.
Also, its consumption can help you improve multiple aspects of your health apart from digestion: weight loss, immune system, and cancer prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions

My baby/infant has bad gas, should I give probiotics?

– Yes, you can give probiotics to infants, but it’s better to first get consulted with the doctor.
Read this for better understanding [Probiotic side effects in infants]

Why do I get gas after taking probiotics?

– Once you include Probiotics in your life, you may experience mild gastrointestinal symptoms. But trust me, these symptoms are temporary and will vanish within a few days on regular consumption of probiotics. However, if the symptom is not going off and rather making the situation worse, chances are that the particular probiotic that you are taking is not suiting you. You should immediately consult with your doctor about this.

What is the best form of probiotic to take for gas? Pills, powders, tablets?

– Let me be honest about this. The form of Probiotic never decides if it will be best for you or not. In fact, you should focus on its content rather than its form. If it contains active living strains of bacteria, it is good for you.

Now here comes the shocking story ðŸ˜Ÿ

Let me be very short and to the point only, without going much deep into it

There was once a boy, say X (original name and place hidden). Once he organized a new years party at his house where he was living alone. He and his friend gathered and enjoyed the party together. They had adult beverages and some home-cooked meal.

Once the party was over and all of his friends went back, he felt some pain in his stomach.

The biggest mistake starts here. He ignored this pain thinking it as any usual stomach pain and went to sleep. Within a fraction of seconds lying on the bed, he felt that his stomach has blown like 6-8 months, pregnant women.

He took some painkillers and gastric medicines, that was in his drawer. This was his second mistake though. Just after taking the medicine he fell asleep and he never woke up again. The actual reason for his death is still like a mystery only. However, taking unnecessary medicines without consultation could be one of the cause.

His mistakes
– Ignored the symptom at the first stage
– Didn’t consult with the doctor
– Took the medicines without having its prior knowledge.

The main purpose of this story was just to inform you that how wrong it can be to take the medicines without the doctor’s consultation. The situation could be in his hands if he would have consulted the doctor before.

Always take the medicines consulted by the doctor and never run for over the counter medicines first. Yeah sometimes over the counter medicines do prove to give you instant result. But getting it consulted from the doctor is a far better option.

I hope you have liked my above post and I was clear enough in pouring my points to the question- Will probiotic help with bloating? Still, if you have any doubts, the comment section is waiting for you. I would love to reply and clear your doubts. 🙂

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