What are Probiotics made of

What are Probiotics made of? Things revealed finally

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What are Probiotics made of?

Probiotics are live microorganisms, yes you heard it right and they live inside you (the one reading my lovely post) and every one of us. With so much of talks going about probiotics, one question often comes in our mind, i.e., What are probiotics made of?

Ans.- Probiotics are made up of various stains and different stains have their own functions and benefits.

Let me make this simpler for you. Suppose that you are suffering from diarrhea or constipation if you want to (may my readers never suffer from any of these). Well, in any of the case you will be helped with the stains related to diarrhea or constipation only and if your body lacks that type of stains, you may find hard to get rid of constipation and even need some over the counter medicines.

Probiotics- What are they made from?

Probiotics are made up from living bacteria cultures. Oh, wait! But bacteria are bad no, it harms us, mom says to stay away from them…kill them…blah blah blah…

But that is not that true all the time. Bacterias are good too…they too have a family.. and inside your intestine, there are millions and billions of bacteria living. These bacteria help us against the food borne diseases and are the best friend of our immune system.

Well, it’s not wrong if I say you that probiotics are made up of bacteria. See some bacterias are beneficial, though it’s tough to understand and differentiate sometimes. We often take antibiotics to kill harmful infections of bacteria and even some lotions and antibacterial soaps.

The concept is that wrong bacteria will mostly harm you and the right bacteria can boost your immunity and keep you healthy. It’s you to differentiate them.

There are numerous reasons responsible for deficiency of good bacteria inside you, which then increases the chance of getting ill more frequently. Here arises the real need of Probiotics.

Everyone has taken antibiotics in their life. Yes each and every one of us has taken it in some or the other part of our this life only. With no doubt, antibiotics are a lifesaver as it kills the bacteria.

But antibiotics are non-racist. They never show any type of racism in killing the bacteria and kill both the bad bacteria as well as the good ones 😢

Remember that your body is always in need of bacteria (here I refer to the good ones only).

Good bacteria = Probiotics / You

Bad bacteria = Relatives / Crush Friends

There is always a fight between both the good and the bad ones inside your digestive tract. Do comment who wins in your case 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Will probiotics help my digestive issue?

– We can not say that probiotics are the one and the only cure for all your problems. But yes probiotics do help with irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, bloating and stress-related digestive conditions.

Are there risks of taking probiotics?

– Probiotics are safe to consume and there are very few risks associated with it. However, if your immune system is not so strong, probiotics may prove to be dangerous. So it is better to always consult with your doctor before the consumption of any probiotic supplements.

Do all probiotics function in the same way?

– No. All probiotics are made to work differently and have different purposes. They are classified on the basis of the genus, their species, and their strain.

Which probiotic is the best one?

– We generally can not say this probiotic is best and this one is bad because not all probiotics are same. Also, each person is different from the other and has unique microbes, genetics, diet and medication usage. Each person thus responds to probiotic differently. However, it is recommended to go for a highly reputed company and that has been tested.

Remember, the probiotic that worked for you will not necessarily work for your friends too.

Hope you loved this post of what are probiotics made of and I have cleared your doubt. If you have any questions, my comment box is waiting for you.

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